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A Man and His God
Series: Sacred Band of Stepsons
Genre: Kindle Singles
Publisher: Perseid Press
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About the Book

An immortalized cavalry commander joins forces with the high-priest of the god of war…. Where myth meets legend, two men kiss and Tempus’ world changes forever.  Meet and mourn the Slaughter Priest in “A Man and His God.”  In this canonical short novel, the Sacred Band begins when Abarsis, Slaughter Priest, brings his Sacred Band to Tempus and dies in his arms


In this pivotal story, the Sacred Band is formed from love and death….


This landmark short novel contains what may be the first male/male kiss in modern fantasy, and was widely reprinted, after appearing in somewhat different form in Thieves’ World™, in the Science Fiction Book Club, two Issac Asimov collections, and the Baen Book “Tempus” by Janet Morris.

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