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City at the Edge of Time
Authors: ,
Series: Sacred Band of Stepsons
Genre: Fantasy
ASIN: B0755P12F2
ISBN: 9780998268705
Heroic Fantasy Novel #5 in the Sacred Band series. "An exciting and brilliantly colored sortie . . ." - David Drake
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About the Book

Join Tempus and Niko on the triple shores of land, sea, and eternity . . .
Where a young girl trembles between love and sorcerous obsession . . .
Where a prince’s refusal to admit his flaws makes him a pawn of hell . . .
Where a city of immortals learn that Death has not forgotten it . . .
In the catacombs beneath a warlock’s citadel, swords and courage face the jaws of demons — with a girl’s life and a god’s vengeance resting on the outcome.

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