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What Scares the Boogey Man?
Authors: , , , ,
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction Anthologies
Publisher: Perseid Press
ASIN: 0988755033
ISBN: 0988755033
The terrifying answers to the question of what Scares the Boogeyman can be found in John Manning’s chilling anthology of original tales.
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About the Book

A creature or being out of mankind’s most ancient mythos.  A concept that combines all of the unconscious fears that have haunted our species since its very beginnings.  How would this nightmare manifest in our own day and age?  And more importantly, what would IT be frightened of?  The terrifying answers to these and many more creepy questions can be found in John Manning’s chilling anthology, WHAT SCARES THE BOOGEY MAN?

Author list:

  • John Manning
  • C. Dean Andersson
  • Nancy Asire
  • Larry Atchley Jr.
  • Thomas Barczak
  • Wayne Borean
  • David Conyers
  • Jason Cordova
  • J.D. Fritz
  • Janet Morris
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