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Wizard Weather
Series: Sacred Band of Stepsons
Genre: Fantasy
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About the Book

When Aškelon of Meridian, lord of dreams, and Jihan, Froth Daughter, come to Sanctuary, a killing mist precedes them and everything changes for Tempus and the Sacred Band of Stepsons and even the local storm god.  In the course of this story, Nikodemos receives from Aškelon a dream-forged panoply; Tempus’ sister and Aškelon of Meridian join forces, and the Froth Daughter lends her inhuman aid to Tempus’ Sacred Band.  Stepsons die and events are set in motion that reverberate through the entire Sacred Band series as even the gods contest in Sanctuary’s heavens


Wizard Weather, a pivotal story in the Sacred Band of Stepsons series.  First published as a first serial in Thieves’ World™ in 1982, and subsequently in “Tempus,” the first Sacred Band of Stepsons anthology in 1987, Wizard Weather introduces characters and concepts which since have become iconic:  Stealth called Nikodemos, charismatic Bandaran adept of maat; Jihan, Froth Daughter; Janni, Straton and Critias, members of the Sacred Band of Stepsons; Stormbringer, the Unbegotten god, and a fight between good and evil that transcends time and place.

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